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Alfred Kitsch-Hog

AlfredAlfred was part of a series of "Pigs in the City" promotion that was run by the Saskatchewan Abilities Council in association with SaskEnergy in 2002 in Saskatoon, and in 2003 in Regina. Saskatoon artist, Miranda Jones said Alfraid "was my personal brainchild/pig." She and co-creator, Donna Chizen, extensively modified Alfred from one of the pig 'blanks' that they began with. Saskatoon had 30 pigs, while Regina had 23.  Local artists developed the themes for each pig, and then sponsors like the Saskatchewan Potash Corporation, came on board, paying to have the pigs created. Both projects saw a lot of creativity from local artists and businesses. Alfred and his brothers and sisters did a lot of great work because the pigs were auctioned off at the end of the promotion, with all proceeds going to the Sask Abilities Council. "Pigs in the City" has been run in several cities across North America in the past.

Why Alfred Kitsch-Hog?
Miranda and Donna must haveHitchcock been big fans of the English film director and producer Alfred Hitchcock. He was often called the “Master of Suspense” because of the thrills he built into all his movies.

Do you see a resemblance between Alfred Hitchcock
and Alfred Kitsch-Hog?

Miranda explains:
"The title is a twist on the name of famous movie director Alfred Hitchcock, which I changed to create an intentionally fun-in-cheek sculpture and hopefully a fine example of art kitsch!!! (Hence the play on words)! I did extensive research.. namely I 'pigged-out' on as many Alfred Hitchcock movies that I could find, to gather visual clues in true Hitchcock fashion! We then incorporated as many of these as possible into the art work, hoping viewers would enjoy guessing the titles of 19 movies and plays directed by Mr Hitchcock. Some clues are more subtle than others.
The full list of movies is listed below. (Sadly, some of these clues have been vandalized or destroyed by exposure to the elements)."

What do the parts of Afred Kitsch-Hog represent?
How many can you figure out? If you figure out more, send us an email.
To see the movie connections that we found, click on the links.

The Crows
The Rope
The Shower
The Window
Que Sera, Sera (sung by Doris Day)
The Phone
The Key
The Rosary
The Biplane

Some of Alfred Hitchock's other movies that may have clues on Alfred Kitch-hog:
Stage Fright
To Catch a Thief
Strangers on a Train
The Ring
Shadow of Doubt
Torn Curtain
The 39 Steps