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Holy Guardian Angels
 Roman Catholic Cemetery 

The angels sing
The angels sing

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The first recorded death in the Englefeld area was in 1904. It was Frank Kolling, the infant son of pioneers Anton and Maria Kolling. They had arrived in 1903 from Minnesota and were the first to settle in this area.  Frank was born in their new log cabin on April 14, 1904 and he died on May 21,1904. Since there was no church building or cemetery established, the Englefeld History Book indicates he was buried by the family's log cabin.

The current cemetery site was likely established around 1911 when the new frame church was built. At that time the location would have been mostly open prairie. The spruce trees that now surround the site were planted under the direction of Father Marcellus in 1930.

Wilhelm Lieman dug graves by hand with little more than his spade between 1912 when he arrived and 1972 when he died. He also maintained the graveyard for many years. Others who have looked after the graveyard were Nick Martin, Casper Schulte and Mike Miskolczi. Mike is the current caretaker and through special arrangement he also maintains the Union Cemetery.

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